Bond Cleaning

Bond cleaning is one of the most important parts of being a good tenant. By having your apartment thoroughly cleaned before you exit your lease, you prove that you are a responsible tenant who respects your landlord's property. You also put yourself in a position to get back your all-important security bond!

Let Big Red Carpet Cleaning take care of your bond cleaning for you. The average apartment dweller does not have the high-tech tools required to get an apartment fully clean. Vacuuming your home and scrubbing down the counters is often not enough; you need a true cleaning service to prepare your apartment for the next tenant and earn back your security bond.

Big Red Carpet Cleaning is ready to handle the heavy lifting involved in bond cleaning. Let us bring in our tools and clean your carpet, your hardwood and tile surfaces, and even appliances such as refrigerators and range ovens. If your apartment is furnished, we'll even clean the furniture and upholstery.

As always, Big Red Carpet Cleaning services ends with a free deodorising and sanitising treatment, which will leave your apartment clean, sanitized, and fresh-smelling. The next tenant will be glad we were here!

We handle bond cleaning both for current apartment tenants and for landlords who need a cleaning service to follow up after a tenant who did not clean properly. We are fast, reliable, and thorough. Call us today to learn more about our bond cleaning services -- don't let your security bond money go to waste!

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